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Welcome to iNet Computers – buy original & compatible laptop Ac power adapters / Chargers. We are one of the reputed laptop ac adapter suppliers and we have an array of original & compatible Ac Power adapters & chargers for all laptop brands and models. Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Asus, Toshiba & Sony

Your laptop power adapter meets the most stringent safety standards. With numerous laptop manufacturers, countless models, different voltages & endless batteries, It can be quite confusing to get a replacement.

How to choose the correct adapter – Locate the model & series of your laptop. Both the model & series are vital information to find a replacement laptop charger. Sometimes the laptop model may be the same but the series may yield a different charger or battery. This information can be found on the laptop, service tag, in the battery compartment, or under the system information. if you are in doubt about the charger type, you can refer to your user manual or contact the laptop manufacturer. You may also find the original adapter part number on the adapter itself.

Match your voltage & amperage – You should always match the voltage & amperage of your current laptop adapter. If you have higher amperage with matching voltage, you can still use it. However, do not use an adapter with over 2 times the amperage of the original, unless otherwise specified by the laptop manufacturer.

Using the wrong type of adapter, or plugging into an electrical outlet not suited for your laptop can have damaging consequences. In the worst situation, it can damage your laptop motherboard, overheat your adapter or even permanently damage your laptop battery.

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