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Dell 130W AC Power Adapter Charger


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Dell Laptop 130W AC Power Adapter Charger.

Dell Slim 130W 4.5 x3.0mm AC Power Adapter Charger for Dell XPS 15 9530 9550 9560 Dell Precision M3800 M2800 5510 5520 Power Supply


Dell Slim 130W 4.5 x3.0mm AC Power Adapter Charger 

Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5V – 6.67A 130W
Connector Tip: 4.5 x 3.0mm
Colour: Black.

Compatible Part #s: RN7NW, HA130PM130, TX73F, 6TTY6, 332-1829.
Compatible Models:
Inspiron AIO 7459, Precision M3800,Precision M5510 , Precision M5520, Precision M2800
XPS 15 (9530), XPS 15 (9550), XPS 15 (9560)

Product Detail

Dell Slim 130W 4.5 x 3.0mm AC Power Adapter Charger

Ensure your Dell laptop never runs out of power with the Dell Slim 130W AC Power Adapter Charger. This high-quality charger is designed to provide a reliable and efficient power supply to a range of compatible Dell laptop models. With its compact design and black color, it not only delivers superior performance but also looks sleek and professional.

Compatible Laptop Models:

Inspiron AIO 7459: This adapter charger is fully compatible with the Inspiron AIO 7459, ensuring your all-in-one computer stays powered up and ready for action.

Precision M3800: If you own a Precision M3800, this charger is designed to meet the power requirements of your laptop, enabling uninterrupted work.

Precision M5510: The Precision M5510 laptop will perform at its best with this 130W charger, allowing you to focus on your tasks without worrying about power.

Precision M5520: Owners of the Precision M5520 can rely on this charger for consistent and efficient power delivery.

Precision M2800: The Precision M2800 laptop is fully supported by this charger, ensuring it remains charged and ready for use.

XPS 15 (9530): If you have the XPS 15 (9530), this charger is the perfect solution to keep your laptop powered up.

XPS 15 (9550): The XPS 15 (9550) is also among the compatible models for this charger, ensuring your laptop’s power needs are met.

XPS 15 (9560): The XPS 15 (9560) benefits from this charger’s 130W power supply, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted performance.

Key Features:

High-Quality Performance: This Dell Slim 130W charger provides stable and efficient power to your laptop, preventing sudden shutdowns and ensuring smooth operation.

Compact Design: With its slim design, this charger is easy to carry with you, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go use.

Safety Features: Built with safety in mind, this charger offers protection against over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuiting to safeguard your laptop.

Genuine Compatibility: Designed specifically for a range of Dell laptops, this charger ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Never compromise on power when you choose the Dell Slim 130W 4.5 x 3.0mm AC Power Adapter Charger. It’s the reliable choice for keeping your compatible Dell laptop charged and ready for all your tasks and entertainment needs. Don’t let power interruptions hold you back; order yours today and experience uninterrupted computing.


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