Spyware, Trojan & Virus Removal

Is your computer running slower than it used to? Perhaps you have unwanted pop-ups appearing on your screen? Chances are you may have picked up one of the thousands of types of virus or malware programs online, which are easy to accidently download even with the best protection available.

Today virus authors are releasing malware at an alarming rate. Anti-virus companies are detecting 5000 new viruses per day. This means it’s getting harder for the anti-virus vendors to keep up with all the new detentions and ultimately means they cannot stop all the viruses that come out on a daily basis. This leads to home users getting infected even if they have up-to-date anti-virus protection. Since your current anti-virus product can’t help you, manual intervention is required by our live technical experts. Here are some common symptoms of infection:

  • Strange Messages from Windows
  • Anti-Virus Software is disabled or inactive
  • Very slow computer when performing common tasks
  • Redirection to fake websites when working
  • Random reboots while working on your PC
  • Very slow Internet access while browsing
  • Pop up windows telling you to pay money to fix your PC
  • Pop up windows trying to sell you software or services
  • Degrading performance as time goes on

We specialize in spyware and virus removal, and can remove even the nastiest of dangerous software – including the ones your antivirus software can’t! That’s why we pride ourselves on being Canada’s virus removal experts.