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Server Management

We know that you’ve got a website to run, a business to run, and a life to live. That’s why iNet Computers offers Server Management, to help make running your server a smooth painless experience. You want everything to “just work.” We’re here to make sure it works flawlessly. Our expert team can work with you through the entire server life cycle, from initial server setup through security hardening to routine maintenance and optimization. We don’t just do the work and sit back and wait until something goes wrong either. Our Server Solutions team monitors all critical functions of your server, around the clock to make sure that your server keeps running smoothly, all day, every day. If we see something amiss, our expert tech team jumps in and gets the issue fixed before it becomes a problem. At iNet Computers, we believe server management should be the most simple part of running your business. We run your servers so you can run your business.

Initial Server Setup & Security Hardening

  • Control panel setup.
  • Quick security audit.
  • Compiler and fetch utility access can be limited too root only.
  • Folder/directory permissions setup to prevent directory traversal of unprivileged users.
  • Host. conf & systole security hardening.
  • Noexec, Nosuid temporary directories.
  • RkHunter installation.
  • Installation and configuration of APF firewall.
  • Kernel updates.
  • Hardening of SSH service.
  • TCP/IP hardening.
  • Upon request, we can secure your PHP installation as well.
  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) system installation.
  • We update all server & control panel software.
  • We disable any and all unused services to further secure and optimize performance of your server.
  • Total Server Solutions technicians install and configure mod security with a mildly aggressive rule set.
  • We monitor your system integrity.
  • Our team performs a package audit of your RPM system.
  • All common services are checked and locked down as needed.
  • Upon request, our team can install mod do evasive.
  • Also upon request, Zend Optimizer can be installed to improve PHP performance.


It doesn’t stop there. iNet Computers continually monitors your server to make sure it’s running at peak performance. We monitor all the services needed by a web server. If there is a problem, we get it taken care of right away. Here’s some of what we monitor on a perpetual basis: FTP, SSH, E-Mail, DNS, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, Disk space on /, Disk space on /tmp and Server Load.

iNet Computers technicians can also monitor more services in addition to what we monitor as standard on a case by case basis if you need it. If what you’re running isn’t listed here, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you. Examples of non-standard services include: Odd port services (such as SSH on another port), MySQL (by running queries or just ensuring the port is open), Content checks on websites (to ensure no database corruption is present) and Many more!

*iNet Computers reserves the right to limit how many services we monitor in addition to our standard service monitoring.