ASUS 65W 15V 3.42A AC Charger Adapter 5.5*2.5mm



Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz

Output: 19.5V – 3.42A 65W

Connector Tip: 5.5 * 2.5mm

Compatible Models:

A52 A53U A53Z A42F, A450C, A450J, A46C, A7C, A7D, A7F, A7G A7J, A7M A7S, A7U, A7V, A72F, A9, A8L, A8F, A8H, A8E, A52F, A52JB, A52JK.

B23E, B33E, B43A, B43E, B43E, B43F, B43S, B53A, B53E, B53F, B53J, B50, B51, B80.

F3L, F3F, F3H,F3Q, F5GL, F50GX, F50Q, F50Z, F502CA, F52, F550CC, F6A, F6E, F7, F7E, F7F, F7Kr, F7L, F7Se, F80CR, F80L, F80Q, F82, F83T, F9E, F9F.

Flip R554, R554L, R554LA, 554LD

Designo MX279H Monitor

K40IJ, K40IN, K40IL, K40C, K42F, K43A, K43BE, K43BR, K43BV, K43BY, K43E, K43U, K45A, K45VD, K45VG, K45VM, K45VS, K46CA, K46CB, K46CM, K50IJ, K50IN, K50IL, K50C, K52F, K52N, K52JB, K52JK, K53BE, K53BR, K53BY, K53E, K53U, K53Z, K54C, K54L, K55A, K550CA, K56CA, K56C, K56CB, K56CM, K60, K62F, K70IJ, K72F, K73BE, K73BR, K73BY, K84C, K84L, K84LY,

M51A, M51E.

N10, N20A.

P31F, P42F, P43E, P45CA, P50, P52F, P53E, P55VA, P550CA, P81, P82F, PL30JT, PL80JT, PRO35F.

Q301, Q301L, Q301LA, Q400, Q400A, Q500A, Q501, Q501L, Q501LA, Q551LN.

R1E, R1F, R405CA.

S300, S300C, S300CA, S400, S400CA, S405CA, S45E, S46CA, S46CM, S500, S500CA, S550, S550CA, S550CB, S550CM, S551, S56CA, S56CB, S56CM, S6, S7.

U1, U2, U24A, U24E, U31F, U32U, U32VM, U33JC, U35JC, U35F, U36SD, U36JC, U37VC, U43F, U45JC, U46E, U47A, U47VC, U5, U6E, U6EP, U50, U52F, U53F, U56E, U80, U81A, U82U, UL20FT, UL30Vt, UL30Jt, UL50, UL50VF, UL80V, UL80Vs, UL80Jt, UL80VT.

V500CA, V550CA, V550CB, V550CM.

X301A, X35F, X401, X401A, X401U, X402C, X44C, X44L, X44LY, X45A, X45C, X45U, X45VDX, X450, X450CA, X450V, X452, X452P, X455LJ, X501A, X501U, X502, X502C, X502CA, X51, X55A, X55C, X55VD, X55U, X550, X550CA, X550CC, X550L, X550LA, X550LB, X550LC, X550LD, X550V, X550VB, X551CA, X551, X551C, X551M, X551MA, X58, X75A, X80, X81, X84C.

W5, W6, W7.

• New Genuine Asus F550DP F550E F550L F550LB AC Adapter Power Charger 65W


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