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Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

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Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card


Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

  • 2304 NVIDIA CUDA Cores, 288 NVIDIA Tensor Cores, 36 NVIDIA RT Cores
  • 8GB GDDR6 memory, up to 416GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 43T RTX-OPS
  • Max. Power Consumption: 160W
  • 4x DisplayPort 1.4
  • DP 1.4a port Maximum resolution: 7680×4320, USB-C port has the display capabilities of a DP 1.4a port, Up to four simultaneous displays.

Product Detail

Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

Elevate Your Graphics Performance with Nvidia Quadro RTX4000
Upgrade your computing experience with the Nvidia Quadro RTX4000, a high-performance graphics card designed for professionals who demand the best in visual processing. With a remarkable set of features and specifications, this graphics card is engineered to meet the most demanding workloads and deliver unparalleled graphical fidelity.

Exceptional CUDA Cores and Tensor Cores

The Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 boasts 2304 NVIDIA CUDA Cores and 288 NVIDIA Tensor Cores. These cores are the heart of the card’s processing power, providing you with the capability to accelerate your workflows and enhance real-time rendering performance.

Immersive Ray Tracing with RT Cores

With 36 NVIDIA RT Cores, this graphics card enables real-time ray tracing, delivering stunning visuals with lifelike lighting, shadows, and reflections. Dive into your projects and experience graphics like never before, ensuring that your work stands out.

High-Speed GDDR6 Memory

Featuring 8GB of GDDR6 memory and up to 416GB/s memory bandwidth, the Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 ensures that your graphics-intensive applications and projects run smoothly. This high-speed memory facilitates faster data transfers, reducing lag and latency.

Impressive 43T RTX-OPS

With a whopping 43 Trillion RTX-OPS, this graphics card offers exceptional computational power, making it a powerhouse for professional-grade applications, 3D rendering, and simulations. Experience unmatched performance and efficiency with this remarkable graphics card.

Energy Efficiency with Max. Power Consumption of 160W

The Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 delivers all this power while maintaining energy efficiency. With a maximum power consumption of just 160W, it provides an optimal balance between performance and power savings.

Versatile Display Options

Connectivity is key, and this graphics card offers flexibility with 4x DisplayPort 1.4. The DP 1.4a port supports a maximum resolution of 7680×4320, ensuring you can work with the most demanding displays. Additionally, the USB-C port provides display capabilities equivalent to a DP 1.4a port, allowing for up to four simultaneous displays.

Upgrade your workstation with the Nvidia Quadro RTX4000 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card and experience a new level of graphics performance and precision. Whether you’re a creative professional, engineer, or data scientist, this graphics card empowers you to achieve your best work. Order yours today and unlock the potential of your projects.


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