Lenovo | 40AS0090US | ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen2



Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2, 40AS0090US


ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2, 40AS0090US
Color: Black
Max Number of External Monitors: 3
Refresh Rate:3840×2160 @60Hz
AC Plug: Slim-tip
Output Power Max :60W
Brand: ThinkPad
Audio Ports 1x Combo Audio Jack
Charging Port: DC-IN
USB Ports: 3x USB3.1 2x USB2.0
Video Ports: 2x Display Port 1x HDMI Port
Ethernet: 1x Gigabit Ethernet
Input Power 90W
Physical Security Feature:1x Security lock slot
Power Button: Yes
Power Delivery: Yes
ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2; 90W AC Power adapter; Power cord; Pubs; Cable

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