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Ignition Design Labs PR111-R-P-W-01-A1 Portal Wi-FI Router


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Ignition Design Labs PR111-R-P-W-01-A1 Portal Wi-FI Router



Ignition Design Labs PR111-R-P-W-01-A1 Portal Wi-FI Router

  • Quad-stream AC2400 Wave 2 WiFi, Dual Band, Band Steering, MU-MIMO, 9 powerful antennas for up to 3000 s. f. coverage, Beamforming, and Enterprise-grade Security and Privacy.
  • Mesh Networking, Mesh 2. 0 networking links two Portal routers together to expand coverage up to 6, 000 square-Feet.
  • Smartphone App, Use the Portal App on iOS or Android devices for device set-up and management.
  • 3 Year, Extraordinary coverage provides peace of mind for three years from the date of purchase
  • Ports: Five (5) Gigabit Ethernet Ports – 4 LAN, 1 WAN; Two USB 2.0 Ports. Bluetooth 4.1 Low-Energy: Supporting smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices

Product Detail

Ignition Design Labs PR111-R-P-W-01-A1 Portal Wi-Fi Router

Elevate Your Wi-Fi Experience with the Ignition Design Labs Portal Router
Upgrade your home or office network with the Ignition Design Labs PR111-R-P-W-01-A1 Portal Wi-Fi Router, a powerhouse of cutting-edge technology that ensures seamless connectivity and enhanced security. With a host of features designed to meet your networking needs, the Portal Router is the perfect choice for those who demand nothing but the best.

High-Performance AC2400 Wave 2 Wi-Fi

Quad-Stream AC2400 Wave 2: Experience blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds with the Portal Router’s quad-stream AC2400 Wave 2 technology. This ensures uninterrupted streaming, lag-free gaming, and lightning-quick downloads.

Expanded Coverage with Mesh Networking

Mesh 2.0 Networking: Take advantage of Mesh 2.0 technology to link two Portal routers together, expanding your Wi-Fi coverage to an impressive 6,000 square feet. Say goodbye to dead zones and enjoy Wi-Fi throughout your entire space.

Intelligent Network Management with Smartphone App

Portal App: Seamlessly manage your network with the Portal App, available on both iOS and Android devices. Set up your devices, control access, and monitor network activity from the palm of your hand.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy

Security: Trust in the highest level of network security and privacy with the Portal Router. Your data is protected with enterprise-grade security features, ensuring your online activities remain safe and confidential.

Extensive Connectivity Options

Ports: The Portal Router is equipped with five Gigabit Ethernet Ports, including four LAN and one WAN port, providing fast and reliable wired connections. Additionally, it boasts two USB 2.0 Ports for added versatility.

Bluetooth 4.1 Low-Energy: Support for smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices through Bluetooth 4.1 Low-Energy ensures a comprehensive and versatile networking experience.

Peace of Mind with a 3-Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty: Enjoy the confidence of a 3-year warranty that covers you from the date of purchase. Rest easy knowing that your investment in extraordinary coverage will be protected.
Unleash the full potential of your network with the Ignition Design Labs PR111-R-P-W-01-A1 Portal Wi-Fi Router. From its lightning-fast AC2400 Wave 2 Wi-Fi to its mesh networking capabilities and intuitive smartphone app, this router is designed to enhance your online experience. With enterprise-grade security and a generous 3-year warranty, the Portal Router ensures your network is not only fast but also secure and reliable. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to uninterrupted, high-performance Wi-Fi. Upgrade to the Portal Router today and take your network to the next level.


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