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Genuine Lenovo ThinkCentre 400 watts Power Supply 00PC738

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New Genuine Power Supply for ThinkCentre 400W Power Supply 00PC738


New Genuine  Lenovo Power Supply for ThinkCentre 400W Power Supply 00PC738

PWR_SUPPLY, 100-240Vac, 400W (00PC738) is compatible with the following machines:

M710t Desktop (ThinkCentre)
10M9 10NB
M910t Desktop (ThinkCentre)
10MM 10MN 10N9
M910s Desktop (ThinkCentre)
M920t Desktop (ThinkCentre)
10SF 10SG 10U1
P320 Workstation (ThinkStation)
30BG 30BH 30BR
P330 Workstation (ThinkStation)
30C5 30C6 30C9
P330 Workstation 2nd Gen (ThinkStation)
30CY 30D0 30D3
720-18IKL Desktop (ideacentre)
720-18ASU Desktop (ideacentre)


720-18APR Desktop (ideacentre)

0-18ICB Desktop (ideacentre)


Product Detail

New Genuine Lenovo Power Supply for ThinkCentre 400W (00PC738)

Ensure optimal performance for your ThinkCentre desktop machines with the New Genuine Lenovo Power Supply 00PC738, a high-quality 400W power supply unit. Designed to meet the demands of various Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop models, this power supply unit guarantees reliable and consistent power delivery for uninterrupted productivity.

Key Features

High-Performance Power Supply
Wattage: 400W
Voltage Compatibility: 100-240Vac
Model Number: 00PC738


The Lenovo Power Supply 00PC738 is compatible with the following ThinkCentre desktop machines:

ThinkCentre M710t Desktop
Models: 10M9, 10NB
ThinkCentre M910t Desktop
Models: 10MM, 10MN, 10N9
ThinkCentre M910s Desktop
Models: 10NA
ThinkCentre M920t Desktop
Models: 10SF, 10SG, 10U1
ThinkStation P320 Workstation
Models: 30BG, 30BH, 30BR
ThinkStation P330 Workstation
Models: 30C5, 30C6, 30C9
ThinkStation P330 Workstation 2nd Gen
Models: 30CY, 30D0, 30D3
ideacentre 720-18IKL Desktop
Models: 90H0
ideacentre 720-18ASU Desktop
Models: 90H1
ideacentre 720-18APR Desktop
Models: 90HY
ideacentre 720-18ICB Desktop
Models: 90HT

Dependable Performance for Your Lenovo Desktop

Upgrade or replace your existing power supply with the Lenovo Power Supply 00PC738 to ensure the stable and efficient operation of your ThinkCentre or Ideacentre desktop machines. With a power rating of 400W, this unit provides ample power for all your computing needs.

Seamless Compatibility

The Lenovo Power Supply 00PC738 is specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of Lenovo desktop models. Whether you have a ThinkCentre M series desktop or an ideacentre system, rest assured that this power supply unit will fit and function flawlessly.

Installation Made Easy

Installing the Lenovo Power Supply 00PC738 is a hassle-free process. It is designed for a quick and straightforward installation, ensuring that you can get your system up and running without delays.

Enhance Reliability

By choosing this genuine Lenovo power supply, you’re investing in the long-term reliability of your desktop machines. Lenovo’s commitment to quality ensures that your system will receive a stable and consistent power supply for years to come.

Order Your Lenovo Power Supply 00PC738 Today
Don’t compromise on the performance and reliability of your Lenovo ThinkCentre or Ideacentre desktop. Upgrade your power supply with the New Genuine Lenovo Power Supply 00PC738 and enjoy uninterrupted computing. Place your order today and experience the difference.


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