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Sharp FO47DR Remanufactured Drum Unit


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Sharp Fax Machines and Copiers – FO4400, FO4450, FO4470, and More

Welcome to our selection of Sharp fax machines and copiers, designed to meet your communication and document needs efficiently and reliably. Explore a comprehensive range of models, including the FO4400, FO4450, FO4470, and many others, each offering unique features to enhance your office productivity.

Sharp FO4400: Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, the FO4400 combines high-speed faxing with advanced document handling.

Sharp FO4450: With its compact design and multifunctionality, the FO4450 is perfect for streamlined communication.

Sharp FO4470: This model offers top-tier performance and versatility, making it a suitable choice for demanding office environments.

Sharp FO4650, FO4700, FO4970: These models provide a robust set of features, including high-speed faxing, large paper capacity, and excellent image quality.

Sharp FO5550, FO5700, FO5800: Offering a step up in performance and additional features, these models cater to larger offices with higher document processing requirements.

Sharp FO6700: The FO6700 is a high-capacity machine designed for the most demanding document workflows.

Sharp FODC500, FODC525, FODC535: These multifunctional copiers provide not only faxing but also copy and scan capabilities, perfect for offices looking for a versatile solution.

Sharp FODC600, FODC635: These advanced copiers are equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering high-quality document reproduction and efficient document management.

Key Features:

Fast and reliable fax transmission
High-resolution scanning and copying (applicable to multifunction models)
Large paper capacity to handle extensive document processing
User-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls
Robust build quality for long-lasting performance


Improved office communication and document management
Increased productivity and efficiency
Versatile models to suit various office sizes and requirements
High-quality output for professional documents

Why Choose Sharp Fax Machines and Copiers?:

Sharp has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality office equipment. With these fax machines and copiers, you can trust in their reliability and advanced features to meet your daily business needs.

Selecting a Sharp fax machine or copier from our range, including the FO4400, FO4450, FO4470, and other models, is an investment in your office’s productivity and document management. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your specific needs.