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HP Q5942X (42X) Universal Compatible Toner (2)


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Product Detail

HP Q5942X (42X) Universal Compatible Toner (2)

Upgrade your printing experience with the HP Q5942X (42X) Universal Compatible Toner Cartridge.

When it comes to high-quality printing, trust only the best. The HP Q5942X (42X) Universal Compatible Toner Cartridge is designed to meet your printing needs with exceptional performance and compatibility. This toner cartridge is engineered to work seamlessly with a wide range of LaserJet printers, ensuring consistent, professional-quality prints with every page.

Key Features:

Universal Compatibility: The HP Q5942X (42X) toner cartridge is universally compatible with a variety of LaserJet printer models, making it a versatile choice for your office or home printing needs.

Exceptional Page Yield: Enjoy a generous page yield of up to 20,000 pages per cartridge, reducing the need for frequent replacements and downtime.

Sharp and Crisp Printing: Experience sharp text and clear graphics with every print, thanks to the precision-engineered toner formulation.

Reliable Performance: Count on this toner cartridge to deliver consistent and reliable printing performance, ensuring your documents always look their best.


The HP Q5942X (42X) Universal Compatible Toner Cartridge is compatible with the following LaserJet printer models:

LaserJet 4200
LaserJet 4200dtn
LaserJet 4200dtns
LaserJet 4200dtnsl
LaserJet 4200n
LaserJet 4200tn
LaserJet 4250
LaserJet 4250dtn
LaserJet 4250dtnsl
LaserJet 4250tn
LaserJet 4300
LaserJet 4300dtn
LaserJet 4300dtns
LaserJet 4300dtnsl
LaserJet 4300n
LaserJet 4300tn
LaserJet 4345
LaserJet 4345bMFP
LaserJet 4345x MFP
LaserJet 4345xm MFP
LaserJet 4345xs MFP
LaserJet 4350
LaserJet 4350dtn
LaserJet 4350dtnsl
LaserJet 4350n
LaserJet 4350tn
LaserJet M4345
LaserJet M4345 MFP
LaserJet M4345x
LaserJet M4345xm
LaserJet M4345xs

Why Choose the HP Q5942X (42X) Universal Compatible Toner Cartridge:

Upgrade your printing capabilities with the HP Q5942X (42X) Universal Compatible Toner Cartridge and enjoy reliable, high-quality prints every time. With its universal compatibility and exceptional page yield, this toner cartridge is a cost-effective solution for all your printing needs.

Ensure your documents make a lasting impression with sharp, crisp text and graphics. Experience the difference with this premium toner cartridge from HP.